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Who is Mark Allen Patterson?

A creator at the intersection
of faith and culture...

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What do you get when you combine a passion to serve people, a love for music, and a mind that can’t stop strategizing about how to connect audiences to great experiences? You get Mark Allen Patterson II.


Jersey-born with Georgia Roots

Born in New Jersey but raised in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Mark Patterson embodies a unique blend of grit and gentleman-like charm. Originally hailing from New Jersey but embracing his Georgia roots, Mark Patterson has captivated hearts with his creativity and authenticity wrapped in an old soul that fearlessly speaks its mind.


At the age of 16, Patterson embarked on a remarkable journey within his local church, quickly becoming an inspiration to thousands of worshippers at one of the largest African-American churches in the United States. His fervent dedication led him to assume the role of worship leader for the principal praise and worship team, cultivating soul-stirring worship experiences week after week.


The Musical Journey: From "Sing-Off" Success to Stellar Collaborations

But Patterson's talents extend beyond the sanctuary. During his time at Lee University, he joined the prestigious Voices of Lee ensemble, where his melodic prowess shone brightly. Their distinctive sound caught the attention of millions when they showcased their talent on NBC's hit show "The Sing-Off," securing a well-deserved place among the top three groups.


From there, Patterson's star continued to rise as he lent his remarkable voice as a background vocalist to numerous projects. Notably, he made significant contributions to Tasha Cobbs-Leonard's acclaimed album "Heart. Passion. Pursuit." and co-wrote the inspiring anthem "Power in Praise" on Darwin Hobbs' Stellar Award-winning album, "Champion."


Driven by personal ambition and a desire to lead by example, Patterson retraced his steps to complete his Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies at Indiana University, an accomplishment he achieved just before the arrival of his precious daughter. "I wanted to show her how important it is to make it to the finish line – even if it takes longer than expected," Patterson explains.

Forging His Own Path: Empowering Communities and Crafting Compelling Stories

Today, he resides in greater Atlanta, Georgia area, alongside his wife Charmaine and their beloved daughter Hannady. In his current role as Communications Director at a non-profit organization, Patterson works to serve vulnerable children and families, ensuring their needs are met with a Christ-centered approach.


But his impact doesn't end there. He established Patterson Media Group (PMG), a strategic communications consultancy that specializes in engaging storytelling and original content production for clients in non-profit, entertainment, and fashion/beauty sectors. PMG's proficiency in collaborating with partners, thought leaders, and third parties resulted in diverse original content. 


ConvoRoom: Conversations with Mentors, Moguls and Legends

This foundation laid the groundwork for Patterson's latest undertaking, ConvoRoom – a digital community that inspires and empowers creatives and entrepreneurs through enlightening conversations with industry mentors, moguls, and legends. This platform fosters personal and professional development, leaving an enduring legacy for future generations.


In a world that often values conformity over individuality, Mark Patterson stands tall as an unwavering force – a true gentleman with a bold voice and a heart that beats for service and inspiring others.

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